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Lilly Reborn Toddler, 32" tall, Standing Reborn Toddler Art Doll.

Brown, curly hand rooted Human Hiar, Hazel German Glass Mouth blown handmade Glass Eyes.

Available. Contact me for info.


Lifelike Dolls and Reborn Doll Art

When I was a child I wished my dolls could come to life and talk.. I guess I had a pretty vivid imagination as a toddler like many tots do - but I really did wish and wanted for my dolls to look and to feel as lifelike and as realistic as possible already back then.

I have several memories connected to dolls... I have been blessed to have parents that have gifted me with dolls and encouraged me to play with them. I would imagine that each one of my dolls had a distinct character and personality and a story to tell.

A Reborn Doll is generally brought to life from a blank and unpainted doll kit which consists of head, limbs and a cloth body.

The Reborn process is a meticulous and lengthy process which it requires several steps, from painting the blank doll kit in multiple layers as realistically as possible, inserting and securing the eyes, hand rooting the doll's head with fine kid mohair or human hair, stuffing and assembling the body, choosing the right outfit or costume, etc. etc.

Back in 2003 I have started to reborn dolls under the name of "Amazing Treasures Dolls", in 2005 I have been awarded with the IDEX International Reborn Doll Award in Las Vegas and I have reborned hundreds of dolls for 10 consecutive years while living in the US, the UK and Italy.

I have published here some of my very favorite Reborns that I have created over the years as a sample of my own artistry and work.

I have been blessed to say that several of my Reborn art dolls have been adopted by art doll collectors from around the globe and I am grateful for the love and the support that I have received over the years. 

After a long pause as I have been busy working on my fine art and my couture decor, I have launched a new line of Reborn Art Dolls in 2023 called "Les enfants" by Deborah Bowe. I am excited to create more realistic and lifelike Reborn Art Dolls which will be available in my Deborah Bowe Art Shop on Etsy.

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Love and light to you all,