My Art, my Soul, my Story...
Creating art is my recollection of fragments of emotions, moods and feelings that are transferred and visualized onto canvas.
I aim to capture the essence of femininity through the centuries and from my personal perspective. It is not necessarily about the beauty, it is the inner strength of each character that I wish to highlight with my art.
My paintings are often inspired by women of divine origins, courageous heroines, literature, poetry, nature, music and everything that surrounds me.
The feelings and sentiments that fuel my urge to paint my visions are transferred onto the canvas with each brushstroke.
I incorporate relief and dimensional elements in my portraits by experimenting with different mediums.
Ultimately, Art is for me a spontaneous and well defined form of expression that allows me to communicate visions of my world that I wish to share and every painting session is a new challenge and the most exciting journey.
I wish to convey emotions through my art and I hope that my artwork will also transmit feelings of kindness and beauty to the audience, across the space and time because art is what truly beautifies our world.




Deborah Bowe was born in the picturesque scene of lake Como in Northern Italy in a family that celebrated their passion for the arts.
Since childhood Deborah has been fascinated by the intriguing paintings of the Renaissance, the Neoclassicism and the Pre- Raphaelites with the "era of enlightenment" leaving a profound mark on her and fueling her desire to create art.
Deborah's educational background is in classical studies and foreign languages, she has specialized in Fashion Design Illustration in Cambridge, England and she is mainly self-taught in paintings and decorative arts.
Her artworks express her dreams and serene visions of a subtle and elegant beauty and inspiring poetry with acrylics on canvas. She creates glazed and luminous surreal portraits and relief textured palette knife abstract paintings that can be felt to the touch.
​Deborah has travelled extensively and she has lived in Europe, Asia and she resides with her family in the Washington D.C. Metro area where she creates from her studio on a daily basis.
​Her portraits of women as muses are reminiscent of a bygone era with both subtle and bold brush strokes and glossy finishes that combine her style and personal details. Deborah’s artwork reveals the fascination to see the subjects evolving and coming to life displaying radiant beauty.
She constantly explores and experiments with abstract and surrealism to express her creativity and to offer insights of her own hidden and magical world.
Deborah has been creating actively for over 25 years by designing props for visual merchandisers to dollmaking, ( - sculpting (DCBArtStudio), painting and working as a photographer, graphic and print designer.
​She believes that there are no limits to fuel creativity and to create art becomes the most exciting and insightful journey.