I aim to portray the sole beauty and the complex frailty of the human soul in my artwork...
Creating art is my recollection of fragments of emotions and feelings that are transferred onto canvas. My paintings are often inspired by women of divine origins, courageous heroines, literature, poetry, nature, music and everything that surrounds me.
Ultimately, Art is for me a spontaneous and well defined form of expression that allows me to communicate visions of my world that I wish to share and every painting session is a new challenge and the most exciting journey.
I wish to spark and to convey emotions through my art and I hope that my artwork will also transmit feelings of kindness, hope and beauty to the audience, across the space and time.. 



Deborah Bowe is an Italian American multifaceted Artist born in Italy and living in the United States. Deborah and her family have resided in Europe, Asia and America and she is currently creating in her Northern Virginia Studio and exhibiting in the DMV Area and Nationally.

Her artwork resides in private collections in Europe, Asia and across the United States. Deborah’s work has been selected as a finalist for the D.C., Maryland and Virginia regions by Bombay Sapphire in partnership with Artsy and by Impact USA in their National permanent exhibition sponsored by Pepco Edison.  One of her recent paintings belongs to the private collection of Mrs. Rosemarie Trible, founder and president of “Fear 2 Freedom” in Virginia.

Deborah’s paintings on canvas capture the complexity and the fragility of the human soul and they represent an intimate and serene vision of a subtle and elegant beauty created with acrylics, textures and sculptural elements and Mixed Media.