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France’s baroque period centered on the glorious reign of the Sun King, of which the vast new Palace of Versailles (1688 on) was the apotheosis.

Louis XIV (the sun king) was enamored with the arts and without a doubt he was the greatest patron of art that history has known. He gave greater encouragement to the arts (in the judgement of voltaire) than all his fellow kings together. Louis was not only an avid collector but he has also commissioned magnificent art and he aided the founding of art schools and academies employing many great artists.

The Louis XIV Style French Baroque inspired decorative art collection has been creatively designed and lovingly hand crafted by me in my Art Studio as a tribute to french history and to one of the most fascinating art movements which is the french baroque.

many objets d'art designed for my collection depict louis xiv,  louis' brother philippe I Duke of Orléans and the fascinating characters inhabiting the palace of versailles during the 17th century.

Each piece in the collection has been created exclusively as a One of a Kind and not mass produced.